Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku

Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku,Horsehair Raku Ombre's Rescue,This unique vase was made with love using Obres hair and is one-of-a-kind, (4,75 x 5, 15 oz,) The black lines are actually the carbon imprint of his tail hair left behind as I burn the hair on the hot pot, **Please read his story below and know that with this purchase, you are helping to support,Everything You Need For Less,Online sales cheap of experts,Saver Prices,enjoy free shipping now,No Minimums Or Setups. Free Shipping. Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku

Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku

Ombre/'s Rescue Horsehair Raku
Ombre/'s Rescue Horsehair Raku
Ombre/'s Rescue Horsehair Raku
Ombre/'s Rescue Horsehair Raku
Ombre/'s Rescue Horsehair Raku


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Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku

Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku. This unique vase was made with love using Obres hair and is one-of-a-kind. (4.75 x 5, 15 oz.) The black lines are actually the carbon imprint of his tail hair left behind as I burn the hair on the hot pot. **Please read his story below and know that with this purchase, you are helping to support. This unique vase was made with love using Obre's hair and is one-of-a-kind. (4.75" x 5", 15 oz.) The black lines are actually the carbon imprint of his tail hair left behind as I "burn" the hair on the hot pot. **Please read his story below and know that with this purchase, you are helping to support this beautiful guy, a great rescue and you'll also get a beautiful one of a kind piece of art. 25% of all my horsehair raku ("Custom Order Horsehair Raku", as well as ready-made "STH Rescue Horsehair Raku" goes to Save the Horses in Cumming, GA).。"A new name and a new chapter in the life of Ombre'. His story is unknown and you can read below. 。Where did John Doe come from? Meet Jonh Doe,(JD) the horse. Animal Control brought him to the rescue yesterday.JD was abandoned in a pasture in Fairburn Georgia. The same pasture Animal Control was alerted to 26 abandoned horses on a 230 acres pasture in Fairburn. A caring Pizza delivery man accidentally hit one of the horses because the horse was on the road. He was so concerned, he called animal control. It was a few years ago. SaveTheHorses took the abandoned horses with the help of many volunteers, Lifeline Animal Services, GA Draft Horse Rescue, and Dr Bill Walker, DVM, who came out to dart a few of them. It was a big undertaking but the horses are all safe. We still actually have one of the darted mares, she is not trusting of many people.。Now how did JD end up on this pasture? It may be because he fractured his leg and wasn't ridable any longer. Perhaps he got out of his pasture and was lost and turned up in the pasture where he was found. He is a stallion, maybe his breeding days are over. We don't know his true story but I would like your help in finding out. The veterinarian thinks the injury may be 6 months old but that is only a guess. JD puts his weight on that leg and walks so there doesn't seem to be pain at this time. We will give him pain relief if he needs it and may need to put him on a daily medication to help him.。He most likely is from south of Atlanta. Do you recognize this horse? SaveTHeHorses would like to offer a reward to find the owner. If you'd like to help with to the reward, help pay for his care, his upcoming gelding surgery, his veterinary care, and farrier care. Please go to our website, and press the donation button. 。Contact" Cheryl Flanagan (STH Founder)。**SAFE FOR FOOD AND WATER. Raku is a special firing process and it is usually only intended for decorative purposes and is not intended for food use, BUT I am now using a new product called "Liquid Quartz" to seal my horsehair raku. "Liquid Quartz" makes it impermeable, water and food safe, heat safe, antimicrobial and more. 。Every Horsehair Raku Piece comes out different and beautifully unique. Results are not easily controlled, if at all. My Horsehair raku pots are first thrown on my potters wheel, dried to almost leather hard and then trimmed. They are allowed to become bone dry and a home-made Terra Sigillata is then applied in several stages. The piece is burnished many times. It is then bisque fired to cone 06. Now, the really fun part can happen! They are re-heated (or taken out as they cool in the original bisque firing) to 900-1100°F (depending on the weather). At this point of the process, I carefully remove the hot pot from the kiln with tongs or welding gloves and place it onto fire bricks. I apply the horsehair and as it burns, it leaves a carbon imprint of the hair that is simply beautiful. After the piece cools, it is cleaned and polished. Outcomes are unpredictable and one-of-a-kind. This is by far my favorite finishing technique. You may check out a video of the process on my instagram or facebook page. 。Rescue Horsehair Raku Vase: Axel。3.5" x 5.5" x 5.5"。1 lb。Sealed with Liquid Quartz。**Custom orders with your horses’ hair are available and make great gifts for a loved one or yourself. See listings for current custom horsehair raku options. You may message me if I’m sold out or if you’d like something specific.。

Ombre/'s Rescue Horsehair Raku
Ombre/'s Rescue Horsehair Raku
Ombre/'s Rescue Horsehair Raku

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Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku

XXL; Size chart in the product image for your reference, Hlyjoon Ignition Coil 30510-PT2-006 Auto Engine Ignition Coil 30510-P73-A01 Ignition System Parts 30510P73A01 & 30510-P73-A02 Ignition Accessory 30510P73A02 for Honda Accord Civic CR-V 30510PT2006: Hlyjoonly. This sweatshirt is perfect for use at the gym, US X-Small=China Medium:Length:29. 4' NPT x 4' NST: Industrial & Scientific. Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku, WARRANTY – are backed by a limited 1-year warranty should any issue arise, Family Crest As Shown - No Gift Message Assumed Blank. What you see is what you get with us. Thank you for being anything but ordinary. (made in America by an American) NICE PIPE. Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku, They are coated to prevent tarnishing, Embroidered pendants leaves are held on a woven braid knitted strands. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••, • Add a back side to your card, Our FREESTYLE PLANNING kits have been designed to free up the way you decorate and plan, Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku, LARGE FOLDABLE DUFFLE: It extends to 31, QUALITY GUARANTEE: When you purchase a Plymor® Brand product. Size: 175mm X 125mm See Images For Full Verse, please allow minor error of measurement. Authenticity of a real wood product, Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku.

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Fix My iPhone

It always pays to allow a professional iPhone repair centre to fix the device as valuable as an iPhone. Our technicians are well-versed with every working component of iPhones and have repaired thousands of devices with guaranteed results. They carry out iPhone 6 screen repair with due diligence while paying attention to every detail.

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Professional and Trained Staff

Our team of engineers are all trained to identify and mobile repair faults on all the major makes and models of smartphones. With years of experience between them in repairing mobile phones they have the knowledge to resolve even the most difficult and complex repair jobs.

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    Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku

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    Ombre's Rescue Horsehair Raku

    This unique vase was made with love using Obres hair and is one-of-a-kind, (4,75 x 5, 15 oz,) The black lines are actually the carbon imprint of his tail hair left behind as I burn the hair on the hot pot, **Please read his story below and know that with this purchase, you are helping to support,Everything You Need For Less,Online sales cheap of experts,Saver Prices,enjoy free shipping now,No Minimums Or Setups. Free Shipping.